Bird watching In Uganda

Bird watching In Uganda – Experience Remote Ugandan Sites.

  • Over 1000 bird species glide the skies of “the pearl of Africa”. 
  • Uganda boasts of over 1000 bird species, of which two are endemic and four are rare or accidental. 



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There 10+ hot spots for bird Watching in Uganda each with varying eco-systems to support which species it does. While bird watching in Uganda is still growing, there some good renown bird watching personalities in Uganda. Johnnie Kamugisha of birding paradise and Herbert Byaruhanga of Birding Uganda have and continue to do a great job in training and equipping the bird watching communities in Uganda. Among the small communities they are training, is the Young birders Club Members, Women birders Club and the Uganda Bird Guides Club. Each of these clubs is aimed to grow bird watching in Uganda whilst creating awareness so as to promote bird and other wildlife conservation. The Duo have organised big birding events like the Big birding Day – annual event and they have go an extra mile to also make appearance at world birding events overseas like the just concluded (September 16-18/2016) American Birding Expo in Columbus, Ohio at the invite of renown bird watcher Bill Thompson III – an editor at the famous Bird Watchers Digest

Even as Uganda works on developing her bird watching potential, she is still worth a visit for discerning, flexible, adventurous travelers seeking to enjoy the serenity and personalized birding experiences in a destination so remote – which i reckon would be the ideal bird watching environment every bird is looking for.

Uganda’s prime Bird Watching spots include but are not limited to; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Bwindi Forest, Murchison Fall, Kibale Forest, Kidepo Valley Park, Ajai Wildlife Reserve, among Others.

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