We encourage that all our volunteers intending to apply For Voluntourism Programs through Realm Africa Safaris do so online – as this makes the application process a lot quicker than the traditional mail box system that some may prefer – Contact us if you insist on using mail box and we Will send you the mail box details.

Please complete our online Voluntoursim application form as fully as possible. To help ensure that the application process goes as smoothly as possible, please see our application tips. While it is useful for us to have your passport number and referee details, they are not immediately crucial to start processing your application. A deposit of USD200 is required at the time of application. The USD200 initial deposit will go towards the total cost of your program and is NOT an additional fee. We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your application once received by us.

Please call us or email us if there’s anything you would like to discuss. Our basic package includes; Food, Accommodation, local transportation by taxi, support of our staff while at your destination and an all-inclusive 3 Day Safari to Murchison Fall National Park.


As soon as you are accepted onto a volunteer program with us, you will then be notified to begin arranging for your own flight (Cost not Included in Package Pricing unless otherwise agreed upon).

Within fifteen (15) working days, we expect to write to you welcoming you formally on to our Volunteer program. At this point, we will then send you all relevant Volunteers Starterpack by email. You can use this information to best prepare yourself for your Volunteer placement in Africa.

  • General information about your Volunteer destination, along with information about Realm Africa Safaris staff, offices etc.
  • Information about what to Pack for your Volunteer Progarma In Africa.
  • Our teaching ideas booklet (if you’ve applied for teaching)
  • An invoice for the balance of our fee, payable three (03) months in-advance prior to departure (or immediately, if there are less than three (03)months to go)
  • Our formal terms and conditions
  • An ‘Everything You Need to Know’ chart about traveling in the developing world
  • A questionnaire for you to fill in and return, so we can match you to your specific Volunteer Interest.

Visa information, if it applies to you, usually between one (01) and four (04) months before your departure. This time-frame depends on embassies and application deadlines.

About One (01) month before your departure, we will send you (by email) full information about your particular placement.

A “month” in all matters to do with Voluntourism is defined as a calendar month. If you stay on your placement over your invoiced duration we will charge you US$50 a day to cover your accommodation, transport and, support.


If personal, academic or other circumstances turn out to make travel impossible at the time planned, placements can normally be deferred without cost or for a minimal charge. Please call us to discuss your situation.

Amendments, cancellations or part-cancellations must be notified in writing by email. The charge for amendments ranges from US$75 to US$130 plus the amount charged to Realm Africa Safaris by third parties.  If the total cost is going to exceed $180, we will provide you with a quote before proceeding. Cancellation charges depend on how far in advance of your stated departure date we have been informed in writing by email.  Your stated departure date refers to the earliest of either: the “preferred departure date” entered on your original application form or any subsequently agreed upon date.  If only a month and a year are specified on the application form, the “preferred departure date” is the 1st of the month specified:

  • Notice of 3 months or more – $100
  • Notice of 2-3 months – One-third of total program fee
  • Notice of 1-2 months – Two-thirds of total program fee
  • Notice of less than 1 month – No refund

Please note that the above cancellation charges apply whether an application is made more than three (03) months before the stated departure date or less than three months before the stated departure date. Deposits paid less than three (03) months before the stated departure date, defined as above, are non-refundable.

Please also note that if you have made your final payment, the cancellation will be available in defined circumstances.

Please remember – we’re not responsible for everything.

If you choose to take part in one of our Voluntourism programs, we cannot allow for every eventuality. You will be choosing to travel far afield to places that can be both exotic and unpredictable. Lifestyles and conditions will be different from those you are used to – not necessarily worse but different. Please be prepared to cope with the unexpected, with local customs and shortages; with the vagaries of weather, travel, and mankind in general. Common sense and good humor will see you through most things while in Africa.

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