Meaningful journeys that transform lives, people & communities.

Travel for a Cause is a unique purpose driven travel style that Realm Africa Safaris runs in support of people and their communities.

All our “Travel for a cause” packages are dedicated to the cause for which they have been designed ie Travel for a Cause – Girl child education, Travel for a Cause – Autism, Travel for a cause – women empowerment, and or travel for a cause – persons with disabilities.

50% of the profit(s) from Travel for a cause tour packages is given back to the cause. So if you are the sort Of traveler that wants to make a difference in another person’s life, we definitely would want to recommend that you consider looking through our Travel for a Cause packages.

Special Note: All our “Travel for a Cause packages” are highly customizable to individual/group interests and budget.

Interested? Then Contact us now for a tailor-made travel for a cause package.


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