Top things to Do and See In Entebbe


 Top Things to do and see in Entebbe – along Lake Victoria – Entebbe offers a variety of Top Things to do and see – activities in or near the town

Due to its small size and relatively low level of development, Entebbe retains a distinct charm. Most of the broad tree-lined residential streets will eventually lead you to the lakeside or to one of the town’s two golf courses. Though it is tempting to head straight to Kampala from your flight, Entebbe has a few attractions of its own that are worth your time.

Sitting on a peninsula in Lake Victoria less than an hour’s drive south of Kampala, Entebbe is a pleasant town of 80,000 inhabitants. Once the capital of Uganda during British colonial rule, the town continues to host the official residence of the president, a small number of ministries, and UN missions. Entebbe is often the first town in Uganda visitors see since it is also where the international airport (‘EBB’) is located.

Visit Entebbe Botanical Garden

Located on 40 lakeside hectares (98 acres), the Entebbe Botanical Garden is an excellent place to relax and observe nature. Visitors are given the chance to see a wide variety of flora endemic to Uganda and other tropical climates. Bird watchers will marvel at the sounds and sights of so many species. And several monkey families also call the garden home. This is a lovely place to spend a few hours or even enjoy a picnic on the peaceful grounds – making it one of the top things to Do and see in Entebbe.

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Set on the shores of Lake Victoria this former zoo boasts of a wide variety of indigenous wildlife housed in natural settings. Lions, rhinos, giraffes, birds, and much more is spread out over a large area with beautiful walkways. Entrance fees go to support the maintenance of the center as well as animal conservation efforts throughout the country. A small restaurant serves simple local dishes.

Uganda Reptile Village

African rock python, three-horned chameleon, and forest cobra are just a few of the many species of the fascinating reptiles you can find at the Uganda Reptile Village on the edge of a village just north of Entebbe. Founded and run by a local boat captain with a vision, the “snake park” makes for a fun and educational visit.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Ngamba Island

Situated on a small rainforested island a short boat ride from Entebbe, this sanctuary provides the perfect habitat for the rehabilitation of chimpanzees. Some of the rescued chimps are orphans and others were born into captivity without the required skills to make it on their own. The sanctuary staff care for the lovable apes and, in time, attempt to reintroduce them into wild populations. Day and overnight trips to this amazing experience can be organized. Just ask us about the options when booking your tour.

Sunset Cruise on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of the largest lakes in the world. Why not go on a late afternoon boat cruise among small islands on your way towards the equator line as you view the sun sink towards the horizon?  Watch the fishermen cast their nets and enjoy the snacks and drinks provided on board.

If you are an avid bird watcher and have a bit more time we can also incorporate a visit to the Mabamba papyrus swamp area – home to several pairs of the rare shoebill stork. As well as the possibility of seeing these elusive birds, there is an abundance of other water birds, wildlife such as otters and much more to view amongst the tranquil waters of this area.

Wine & Dine in Entebbe

Entebbe has a variety of restaurants to choose from – some like 2 friends beach side restaurant & Bar, Goretti’s Pizzeria, Bar and Grill are located right, Beach Island Cafe, Thai Garden Restaurants all located along the beachside of the famous Lake Victoria – after you order have patience – enjoy a drink and the food is coming.

Shoebill Tracking in Mabamba

Mabamba Swamp – a short trip from Entebbe is a very popular day trip through African villages to Mabamba Swamp – one of the best places in Uganda to see the Shoebill Stork and other water birds.

 Ssese Islands

From Entebbe, you can explore the Ssese Islands – voted as one of the best-hidden Island Chain in the world.  You can boat, fish, take nature walks, visit villages and best of all it is only a short ride by boat from Entebbe.

If you would Like to add any of the Top things to see and do in Entebbe – a lovely city with its markets – busy town center – Lake Victoria – the Ssese Islands …, Please Contact Us.