Skill a Woman™ is Realm Africa Safaris’ first own project. We have been, and still, continue to work with other community projects not owned by Realm Africa Safaris.

Skill a woman™ Community Project focuses mainly on Vulnerable women and mothers who hardly can afford the basics of life. Realm Africa Safaris every year since 2016 supports a woman to enroll for a Skills study at a local Technical School with the aim of equipping them with varying skills that we believe eventually will put them in a better position to support their families and eventually the communities within which they live.

For Sustainability, the team at Realm Africa Safaris plans to set up a fully fledged Skills Training Centre in Entebbe for the local to easily access pieces of training in Various skills among which we intend to include but not limited to; Tailoring & Fashion, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Art & design. After this Skills Centre is fully set up, Realm Africa Safaris will only manage it for two (02 – 05) years as it nurtures her own locals to manage their own project. Skill a woman™ project will then be handed over to the local community for them to run their own project.

Skill a Woman™ – Beneficiaries 

Since its initiation in 2016, Skill a Woman™ has been able to support Ms. Namakula Susan a resident of Entebbe, through financing her studies at a local Tailoring Institute.

A little History About Ms. Namakula Susan.

Susan is a single mother of one beautiful little girl called Arianna aged – 03 years. Agnes Kemigisha one of the founding members of Skill a Woman™ met Susan at a local Art & craft event while Susan was vending pieces of Artwork for her boss. Susan and Agnes had an in-depth chat about the challenges of Susan’s job after which they agreed to meet and further their discussion. Susan then expressed her interest to Start a business that not only benefited her directly but also the community at large. Agnes then walked back to office snapping her fingers whilst saying ” I finally found the right person to begin the Skill a woman™ project. The team at Realm then sat in a meeting and resolved to kick-start the long-awaited community project. At the beginning of the Year 2017, Ms. Susan Namakula enrolled for a tailoring course at Mindset Institute where she is due to complete her tailoring course this year 2017. Ms. Susan will then embark on further studies in the field of Tailoring so as to empower her as a tailoring tutor. She will be a resource to set up our Community Skills Training Centre in Entebbe. From here, we forecast that more locals will be able to enroll and be trained by their very own community member – we call this sustainability.

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