Safaris for Beginners


Congratulations! you’re considering going on a safari to Africa.

Compared to other destinations around the world, Not so many people travel to Africa making it a relatively exclusive experience for those that choose to come.

It’s our belief that you haven’t really lived until you’ve been to Africa. Not only is it a place of raw beauty and mind-blowing experiences, but many first time visitors remark that Africa has a way of connecting with their primal self, that when they arrive here, this is a place that they feel is truly ‘home’.

With the variety of adventures, cultures, habitats, and wildlife available to you, this is for sure: Once you’ve been, Africa will always have a hold on your heart, and as with many others, you will find yourself wanting to return again and again.


It is pretty daunting to think you are coming to Africa, so you’d be looking to make sure your experience is memorable for all the right reasons. Good options for first-time visitors are to be found in most of the destinations we offer, but Kenya, and Tanzania offer just the right combination of convenient, affordable logistics, superb accommodations and wildlife that is more easily seen if you’re in the right location.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then perhaps you wouldn’t mind starting off with one of our other more challenging destinations: Uganda and Rwanda, where you encounter mountain Gorillas on foot.

We’ve had lots of “safari virgins” travel with us, and it’s always an added thrill for the team here to know that we’re planning a safari to welcome a client to Africa for the first time. Over and above our normal impeccable attention to detail, your guides will be informed, and will gauge your activities appropriately. We will include little extras to make this safari as special and memorable as possible for you.