Located on the border between Uganda and DR Congo, this impressive range includes the third highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Stanely which includes snow-capped Margherita peak (5109m). Stretching about 110 km long, the Unesco World Heritage Site includes an extraordinary range of landscapes, from thick tropical rainforest on the lower slopes transitioning to the bizarre afro-alpine moorland, before finishing in glaciers at the highest reaches.
The quantity and variety of rare plants and animals are still being researched, with new species discovered every year. Two mammals are endemic to the range, the Rwenzori climbing mouse and the Rwenzori red duiker, as are 19 of the 241 known bird species.

GO 2East Africa offers an exciting opportunity to combine a 10-day hike to the summit with visits to the mountain gorillas and chimpanzee at lower altitudes. Find out more here.

Climbing Routes
The Rwenzoris are considered a much more demanding climb than Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya with many of the trails being wet, muddy, and slippery. Treks to suit all levels and needs are available, from one-day jaunts in the forest to 10-day treks with technical climbs. Our 17-day Rwenzori & Apes Tour includes an assent beginning from Kilembe town, including a summit of Margherita Peak (weather permitting).