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Rwanda is known for being the Land of a Thousand Hills but it is also known as “the land of Eternal Spring” something that gives you hint about the weather and climate of Rwanda where it is “Springtime” all year-long.

When is the Best time to Visit Rwanda?

We are often asked, “when is it the best time to visit Rwanda?”  If we did reply “any time of the year is perfectly good to visit Rwanda”, We would be almost correct. However, the best time to visit Rwanda depends on what site and or activities you are doing while in Rwanda.

When the Best time to Visit Rwanda for Gorilla Trekking?

Just like all gorilla trekking safaris, even the Rwanda experience though advertised as ” the easiest gorilla trekking in Africa” can still be challenging in the aspects of terrain, altitude, physical fitness and most importantly prevailing weather & climate. In recent years the weather in countries such as Rwanda has been somewhat different.  There are no longer distinct seasons as was in past years but climate change is also a reality in the country of “a thousand hills”.