The Best type of holidays are those which give you incredible experiences which you look back on and treasure for years to come. It might be a beach break or a city break, a wildlife holiday or a walking trip – or sometimes all of them at different times. Whatever the kind of holiday you like, at Realm Africa Safaris™ we love making our trips special in a variety of ways.

We want our holidays to:

  • # Offer you inspiring experiences.
  • # Use authentic places to stay whose owners really care about their services to our clients.
  • # Give something back to the places, people or wildlife of that destination.


Many of the trips we suggest to our clients are not only wonderful holidays but also have an element of Responsible Travel to cater for all the positive benefits to the people & communities we visit. You might call them conservation holidays, ecotourism, sustainable travel, … or maybe prefer to call them Responsible Travel just like we do, it doesn’t really matter. The most important point here is that they make a difference in some way.

Some of our suggested holidays are particularly special in this regard. These are our Responsible Travel Holiday Offers and below you’ll find a list of them along with the reasons they qualify for Responsible Travel.