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Realm Africa Safaris is one of the leading small-group tour operators in East Africa. We are based in Uganda and have been operating safaris for over 8 years and are extremely passionate about travel. To travel and explore is what we love… and passing on our passion is what we strive for!
We believe in giving our clients as much information as possible (online and in person) and preparing them thoroughly for their travels by sharing our knowledge, expertise and insider tips.  East Africa always offers many exciting opportunities and in most cases these experiences are beyond anyone’s expectations!


Realm Africa Safaris® understands that your dream holiday may be very specific… Therefore we tailor-make all our itineraries to suit your needs, wants and budget. If you want something specific we are up for the challenge…

We desist from the ideology “ One-size-for-All” we make what fits you….

Small-Group Safaris

All of our scheduled safaris are run with a maximum of 08 to 10 clients per safari – allowing our clients the opportunity to experience a more personal safari adventure with our guide (versus larger group safaris which can sometimes be very impersonal).Our scheduled safaris are always small group safaris meaning easier game viewing, less intrusion on the local communities we visit, less damage to the environment that we travel through. Our small group policy adds towards our responsible tourism policy giving us a smaller carbon footprint.

Scheduled Safaris

As well as offering tailor-made safaris we also offer scheduled safaris which means that we have set tours and set guaranteed departure dates throughout the year! This makes the unknown of travelling known. Our scheduled departures include everything that you need to know – accommodation, national parks, activities and highlights! Maybe one of our scheduled safaris includes everything you wanted on a tailor-made adventure already? Our competitive priced scheduled safaris might be the answer if you are travelling on budget or prefer the company of a small group. Live Online Availability now available on each scheduled safaris tour page!

4×4 Vehicles

We have personally supervised the building of our own fleet of very reliable vehicles from our custom-made popular 04-seater Toyota Land Cruiser to 08-seater Land rovers NOT only have we personally supervised their  building but also personally tested them out and travelled in them! Our vehicles all come equipped with first aid kits, seat belts, vehicle recovery equipment, in-built refrigerators to keep your enroute drink cool…. You name it, it’s got it!

We know where our clients are all the time

When travelling in Africa clients sometimes have concerns of becoming lost without any contact. Our guides always carrying contact methods to get through to us all – we therefore know where our clients are at all times. In the event that need arises, we will be able to contact your guide and immediately advance a back-up vehicle quickly and efficiently….meaning no matter the situation, you tour continues and the world calls this “RELIABILITY”.

Based in Africa

By being based in Uganda we are always near our clients. We also have first-hand knowledge of the areas, routes and highlights. If our clients need us for anything we are always close by….just behind you!

We can organize the whole package

Realm Africa Safaris will take care of all your travel requirements from the moment you arrive to the day you leave. You don’t need to book ‘this’ with one company and ‘that’ with another. Come to us and we can help you with packages, transfers, accommodation, day trips and even tailor-made adventures.

Savings and Competitive Prices

Our rates are very competitive; we offer great prices without compromising on any value! We believe that good value at affordable rates is one of the most important factors when choosing your safari. Realm Africa Safaris also offers great discounts – refer your friends and they will get a 5% discount (**Valid until 31 December 2016); travel with us again and get 10% off; book early and save 5%; travel in a group and everyone saves 5%… also lookout for our green season discounts!

Inclusive price

Our safaris are priced at an all-inclusive price – there are no hidden costs. National park fees, meals, game drives, guided walks etc. are all included. Some other safari companies may seem to cost less but, we always advise clients when comparing to see what’s included and what’s not – you may be in for a surprise! We have found that there is nothing worse than having to use your spending money for activities and meals that you thought were included and for this reason we have priced our safaris at all-inclusive rate.

Our consultants are safari enthusiasts!

Our friendly consultants not only know our products like the back of their hands but they also have been to most of the areas that we offer safaris to. Chatting to them about your holiday is exciting (they are all very passionate about East Africa!).They know the secret gems, the best places to go and what animals you will see on your safari – valuable and priceless information!

We know our products

We have extensively researched the areas, the places, the routes, the accommodation(s), the vehicles and even the food… We have also tried and tested it ourselves! This means that we have experienced everything before you will/have allowing us to provide you with only the best travel experiences (normally something that we love and want to experience again!).

Our valued guides are exceptional

Our guides are hand-picked out of hundreds of applications and most of our guides have been with us for many years. Our guides are registered members of tour Guides Association in their respective countries of operation and have excellent training in 4×4’s and have specialized driving skills, they know everything there is to know about flora and fauna, always puts our clients first, cooks delicious meals on safaris, always locally employed…. Overall our guides are one of our biggest assets to our company – they make sure that our clients have a fantastic and safe time while learning as much as they can about East Africa. Our guides will become your friends!

Researched Product

We have strict standards for all the accommodation we use, vehicles that we travel in and the places that we go to. We therefore only offer products that meet our standards and are of course products that we have personally tested and love.

Responsible Travel

We strongly feel very passionately obliged to running our safaris in a responsible manner throughout East Africa. We therefore ensure that our safaris meet the strict guidelines of responsible tourism. Our tours always use local services, are low impact, take into account the environment, make use of local guides and community projects and always support conservation.

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