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Mountain Gorilla Permits


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For many visitors to Uganda and Rwanda gorilla tracking or trekking – whatever you choose t call it! is  highlight. However, only individuals with a gorilla permit will be allowed to indulge in gorilla trekking. Gorilla Permits are very scarce and often do get sold out especially during peak season Months of June, July, August, September, December and February reason why we prefer to advise all Realm Africa Safaris™ to plan their gorilla safaris well in-advance and ensure they contact us at least 06 months in-advance as its then that we can be able to guarantee your gorilla Permits.

What is the Cost of a Gorilla Permit?

In Uganda, a gorilla permit costs USD600 per person for the traditional 01-hour with gorillas in either Bwindi Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National ParkYes! Uganda has two (02) places to see Mountain Gorillas.

In Rwanda,a Gorilla Permit costs USD1,500 per Person for the traditional 01-hour with gorillas in Volcanoes National Park – the only place to trek gorillas in Rwanda!

Validity of Gorilla Permits

A gorilla Permit is valid for gorilla trekking on the date(s)specified when booking your gorilla permit and therefore can’t be used the next day.

Special Note: If a client has already booked and fully paid for their gorilla permit(s) and for justifiable reasons can’t travel as earlier planned, Gorilla Permit reschedules are possible at an EXTRA charge of USD150 if the reschedule is done 08 weeks to the originally booked trekking date(s). Gorilla Permit reschedules involve Realm Africa Safaris™ writing a letter to the Director of tourism Business & Development of Uganda Wildlife Authority – UWA explaining the reasons for failure to travel and also mentioning the new date(s) you would like the Gorilla Permit(s) Rescheduled for.

Special Note (DISCLAIMER):

Gorilla Permit Rescheduling will STRICTLY be done for clients with genuine reasons for having failed to travel for gorilla trekking In Bwindi and or Mgahinga National park and approval is solemnly at the discretion of the Uganda Wildlife Authority – UWA. Realm Africa Safaris™ can be held responsible for denied reschedules by UWA.

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