Safari is a wonderfully rewarding holiday for anyone wanting to travel alone. Whether you want to join a small group of like-minded single travelers in Africa or have a tailor-made safari itinerary planned just for you, there are literally hundreds of possibilities. 

If you are looking for company when you holiday in Africa then one of the best things to consider is to join a small group, of typically no more than eight people. These safaris operate on frequent departure dates throughout the year and vary in length, style, and types of activity.

If group travel doesn’t appeal then we can plan a private safari specifically for you. The majority of camps and lodges we use are small and have an atmosphere similar to that of a sociable, informal dinner party.

Solo Traveler, Single traveler | Realm Africa Safaris

Single Supplement

Where Possible we will make use of Camps, Lodge & Hotels that don’t charge Single supplement fees. Alternatively, we can also guide you on the best time to travel when the single supplement charges are reduced or rather make an effort to negotiate the rates down for you – we got your back!

Solo Traveler Safety

You will be met at the Airport on arrival into Africa. In fact, it’s not until your Holiday with us has come to an end and you have been transferred back to your Airport for departure to your home country that you will be by your self again. All Realm Africa Safaris™ trips are fully escorted by indigenous guides.

Tailormade Experiences for Solo Travelers

We well know that not one size fits all – it’s for this reasons that all our trips are tailormade to fit the interests and budget of our clients.

The majority of the camps, lodge, and hotels we use are small and offer a personal touch of service.

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