Gorilla Trekking footwear

Gorilla Trekking footwear – Good Grip – Protect your Ankles – Water Proof – Rubber Anti ~ slip – preferably should be brown or green for easy cleaning.

Gorilla trekking Footwear ought to provide utmost comfort while you trek up and down for mountain gorillas – use our advise as a guide to making the right pick.

One thing that we have learned over the years is that a couple of combined factors could make or break your gorilla trekking Experience.

Having the right Gorilla trekking footwear could give you a better trekking experience compared to if you had the wrong shoes packed up for your Gorilla trekking in either Uganda or Rwanda – both gorilla treks require somewhat similar gorilla trekking footwear.

Your Gorilla trekking footwear has got to be well worn prior to your Gorilla Trek – you do not want to buy a brand new pair of hiking boots that could cause blisters during your long gorilla trekking.

Many forums and or tour operators may suggest you use rubber boots like local rangers and trekkers do here – Their feet are accustomed to the wear and tear, and lack of support, we say stick to your water proof hiking/gorilla trekking footwear.

Our recommendation is that if your travel itinerary does include; Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, Mountain climbing or hiking – whatever you want to call it, we still say use your water proof hiking shoes – Not brandy new pairs as these will cause blisters on your feet…ouch!! -very painful.

What Good waterproof Gorilla Trekking footwear do you recommend.

From our our previous clientele, we have come to learn that you can not to put fashion over function for gorilla trekking Shoes.

Our recommendation are the Dubarry boot or Similar – worth a shot! Waterproof, Supportive and Keeps creepy crawling insects out of socks – no gaiters needed – incredibly functional. They come both for women and men – make the Choice.

Yep, the downside to Dubarry Boots; is the Price $$. However, our previous clients have actually worn them nearly every day in winter, finding them well worth the price – they are fantastic for snow! “Says Kristine – our past client.

We hope this post about Gorilla trekking footwear has been helpfull in guiding you on what sort of Gorilla trekking shoes to pack for your Gorilla trek in either or both Uganda & Rwanda, if you have any Questions and or suggestions – leave us a comment below or email us privately