Chimp Trekking

Chimp Trekking just like mountain gorilla trekking is becoming a popular indulgence for many travelers to East Africa.

In Uganda, our chimp trekking Safaris visit; Kibale forest in Uganda – arguably the best place to see chimps, Budongo Forest in Murchison Falls National park, and Kalinzu Forest National park. For travelers on short Uganda visits, we Recommend a day trip to Ngamba Island – the Chimpanzee Conservation Island where visitors get to take part in feeding chimps.

In Rwanda, our Rwanda chimp trekking Safaris visit Nyungwe forest National park – definitely the best Chimp trekking destination in Rwanda. Occasionally, Chimp trekking may take place in Chamudongo Forest – a Pocket forest approximately 01-hour drive from Nyungwe Forest.

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