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Gorilla Permits in Uganda & Rwanda

Mountain Gorilla Permits

MOUNTAIN GORILLA PERMITS Mountain Gorilla Permits, Price of a Gorilla Permit In Uganda & Rwanda, How to Book Gorilla Permits, Validity of a Gorilla Permit, Bwindi Gorilla Permits, Rwanda Gorilla Permits, Uganda Gorilla Permits, Gorilla Permit Booking Information,  For many visitors to Uganda and Rwanda gorilla tracking or trekking - whatever you choose t call [...]

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Baker’s Lodge – Murchison fall National Park

Baker’s Lodge Murchison Fall National Park – The Newest safari styled lodge overlooking the Nile –  Ideal for Small group private safari experiences, honeymoon holidays and family Uganda Safaris. Baker’s Lodge – Murchison fall national park – named after Samuel and florence Baker one of the first early time explorers that spent most of their time around […]

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safety Tips for Gorilla tracking In Uganda & Rwanda

Safety Tips for Gorilla Tracking Uganda – Rwanda

SAFETY TIPS FOR GORILLA TRACKING UGANDA – RWANDA Top Gorilla Tracking tips, Safety Tips for Gorilla Tracking In Uganda & Rwanda, Important things to Note about Gorilla trekking In Uganda and Rwanda, Gorilla Tracking Rules and Regulations. The question of How safe is gorilla tracking is a concern of many travelers visiting the deeper Africa […]

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History of habituated gorillas Bwindi

History of Habituated Gorillas Bwindi … History of habituated gorillas Bwindi has long been a useful tool for research and conservation programs. Decisions to habituate gorillas typically reflect a balance of the benefits gained and the costs/risks. In general, the benefits include that it: generates revenue through tourism for governments, local communities, and businesses; enables […]

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