Booking a Gorilla Habituation permit In Uganda

Booking a gorilla habituation permit In Uganda – US$1500 per permit.

gorilla habituation permitGorilla Habituation Experience in Uganda’s Bwindi Forest is the newest gorilla product on the Ugandan market – this is only done here and no where else in the world. For one to Indulge in this encounter of a lifetime, you need to have a Gorilla Habituation permit.

The Gorilla Habituation experience only takes place in the Southern sector of Bwindi Forest. Only two families – Bikyingi & Bishaho – are currently under going habituation in the areas of Rushaga and NKuringo respectively in Uganda. The visit to either one of these wild gorilla families is limited to only 4 tourists per group a day. Each tourist has got to have a gorilla habituation permit allowing them to visit these wild gorillas.

How do i book my Gorilla Habituation Permit (s) ?

Upon Inquiry about booking your gorilla Habituation, Realm Africa Safaris team will revert to your email asking you to state the actual intended date(s) that you would prefer to do your gorilla habituation. We will then Contact Uganda Wildlife Authority for availability of gorilla habituation permit (s) for the date(s) you sent us. After confirming that there are gorilla habituation permit(s) available, then our Consultant(s) will send you an email with all relevant information regarding your gorilla habituation permit booking procedure, documentation and payment plan.

Special Note: Just as is for gorilla trekking, so it is for gorilla habituation permits – Full amount -US$1500 – ought to be paid together with 25% of the total tour price in order for Realm Africa Safaris to book you on this tour. Read More
“Realm Africa Safaris Terms & Conditions”

If intending to indulge in gorilla habituation experience in Uganda, contact Realm Africa Safaris and we will assist you in arranging your gorilla habituation permit for you and your group – only 08 permits are sold out on the daily making gorilla habituation permit reservation quite competitive since these are sold on a first come first serve basis at the Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters in Kampala. We recommend that all gorilla Habituation permits be booked (with full payment – US$1500 at-least 3 months in-advance to avoid last minute run around affairs.

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